Visa Services and Consular Legalization Agency at Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Italy
Infovisti provides assistance services to companies and professionals who operate and have to do with foreign countries. Services concerning documents to be enforced in a foreign country.
Consular legalization, sworn translation or passport visa services.

⇒ We assist companies
in the preparation of documents for the export of goods and services such as invoices and certificates of origin or for the registration of a company abroad or a trademark or accreditation with a ministry or for participation in a tender.

⇒ We assist professionals
in the preparation of documents necessary for employment in a company in a foreign country or in the phase of expatriation and in obtaining a residence permitin the foreign country.

⇒ Advice on document preparation
each document must be carefully evaluated because each foreign country and each Consulate has different rules and practices. In some cases, the documents must be original or must be translated, or a true copy of the original can be submitted; Our advice is to always check the documentation required by the foreign country and what you have available

⇒ Collaboration with notarial firms and international law firms
In all phases of preparation and finalization of documents also to carry out notarial deeds directly in foreign languages English, Spanish, German, French etc

⇒ Infovisti is able to obtain documents throughout Italy necessary to be subsequently notarized, translated, legalized, apostilled for foreign use:
– Chamber of Commerce (certificates, surveys, signature attestations, etc.)
– Universities, Schools, Masters (certificates, diploma, parchment copy, etc.)
– Revenue Agency (tax code, VAT number, double taxation certificates, etc.)
– Registry Office and Municipality;
– Court (criminal certificate, certificate of pending charges, etc.)
– Professional associations (certificates of registration, etc.)
– and other bodies (Department of Education, Local Health Authority, etc.)

By way of example, we work for many international consulting firms in the preparation of documents necessary for the transfer to United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Vietnam etc.: obtaining Bachelor’s or Master’s certificates, marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates, notarial authentication, sworn translation, legalization at the Prefecture or Power of Attorney of competence and legalization at the consulate.

Countries that legalize documents are Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, China, Libya, Lebanon, Indonesia, Taiwan, Turkey, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Pakistan, Paraguay, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria etc.

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